A Focus on the Artform of hip hop

I threw this together for a contest over at RockPaperShotgun. The beat is by Robot Orchestra. You were supposed to write a poem about an upcoming game called Monaco, in order to get access to a closed beta of the game. Figured i go above and beyond


if i can infiltrate your limelight
with two hands and a flashlight
imagine what amazing feats of prestidigitation
i can evoke in a half life
four more pairs of hands an angle and half a man
could score a hundred fifty grand

and thats a conservative estimate
the overall message is
that i’m the greatest thief
since the cooper gang dewinged that flying metal beast]
or moriarity pickpocted watson in the middle of the street

in other words a beast
monaco’s a natural progression
know the blessing and the curse of the bottom of purse
after its snatched petty thief 22 catched
now i’m back on the block palms full of your stash

four player soothsayer my prediction is this
top down oceans 11′s a definite hit
more clever when the ski masks fitted
keeping the rhythm blackout
keeping it hidden until i cash out

  • 21 September 2012
  • 5